In December 2017, Lauren identified a gap in the market following the birth of her first little girl. Faced with the impossible challenge of trying to dress her postpartum body, and in turn learning to love her new shape, she discovered that there was a fundamental gap in the market for fashionable clothes, which had good access for breastfeeding and was kind to her perfectly imperfect body.

From 4 drawers in a spare room to a warehouse, Lauren has scaled her business (organically through social media) from a sole trader business to a limited company with multiple staff members. In that time, Lauren has also grown her family! As a mother of 2 the constant juggling act has never been more prevalent, but the rewards of spending precious time with her little ones, far outweighs the struggles of balancing a laptop on one knee whilst singing incy-wincy spider.

A few months ago, Lauren identified another gap in the market.. there was no one for small business owners to turn to for professional help - introducing, The Zesty Boss.

Lauren teaches, helps and encourages entrepreneurs and small business owners to achieve their biggest ambitions through an 8-week online course which has been designed to include all aspects of running a small business. Lauren shares the good, the bad and the UGLY, confident in the knowledge that by sharing some of her biggest (and quite expensive!) mistakes, it can help others to avoid those problems. But, it's not all 'don't do this / don't do that' - Lauren shares her success and what tools she has discovered to make her business grow to the size it is today. Lauren doesn't just teach, she empowers you with knowledge on how to make appropriate and informed decisions to positively impact your business.

Lauren also offers one-to-one small business coaching for those with unique business models or are just looking for a little extra help.

Need a little help? Let's get to work.